Business Tips: Digital Photo Marketing Strategies

Digital photography is a business that requires prompt decision making since advanced technology is the main challenge in the growth of the business. DSLR photos and photo studios still have room in this business. Whether it is an Instagram profile photo template or an Email marketing campaign that will guide the business then you have to put many factors into consideration.

Some of them include
  1. Your starting capital
  2. Your marketing strategies
  3. Available infrastructure including technology
  4. The market demand
  5. Competition

When you have these factors into consideration then you need to run a SWOT analysis and decide the best course to move your business. Here are a few marketing strategies ideal for digital photography business.

Social media

This is a business that thrives by sight. There is no way you will get that contract when people have not seen your works and people approve them. You can opt to tale free digital photography sessions and post them on social media. This is a marketing strategy that you cannot afford to underrate. It has both active and inactive audience who turn to be your customers. The people can post on their timeline and recommend you for the service. The number of clients you get out of that in unbelievable. Do you know there are people who move their business just from social media?

Online ads

This is a digital business and that means that this is where our market come from. This is the reason you need to use the available services like the pop up ads on websites and social media just to boost your online presence for your growth.

Influencers and Celebrities

These are people who get their visibility through a show off. Why is it that multinationals use them for their print and audio adverts? Here is a chance to associate yourself with them,. It is a psychological marketing game in that people will always want to deal with a digital photography business that even the leverage influencers and celebrities use.


Technically the digital market does not just buy a service or a product. They like to buy the benefits and the only way to get their attention is through your blogs. Design a blog and get a reliable hosting site just to boost your online presence. This is also a business of its own, when you have more clients you will even get more contracts for people to host their services on your platform. You get passive income just like that.

Search Engine optimizations

The layman’s language for people who want to get information, products and services is though the search engine. The common phrase is “Why not ask Google”. When they ask Google then your digital photography should be among the first to appear. This comes only if you also have a high online presence using the social media- Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter. It should be trending on the internet platform to get to the high numbers on the engine search optimizations.

Email Marketing campaigns

There are numerous marketing software available for start-ups. Make good use of tem to design the marketing campaigns just to make sure they get information of your existence. With all the marketing strategies you need to provide value for your service. The way you portray the business on the internet should be the service that you actually offer. Once you get a lead of someone who needs your service from any of the marketing strategies, use your sales force to turn it to a sale to generate revenue. Whichever the form of strategy you employ, you need to make sure that which one will fuel your business to growth. You have to take due diligence to determine the one that has the most positive impact.

Marketing Water Softeners

Planet earth is made up of 71 percent water. This puts water on top of things we humans need to survive. And not just humans, every living creature require water to survive. As humans other for consumption we use water in our homesteads, factories, farms and the list goes on. However, out of the 71 percent coverage of water, only 2.5 percent of that is fresh water. The rest is salt water which cannot be consumed directly. This is mainly water from the oceans. The water that is consumable is then classified into two categories; hard and soft

Hard water contains a high concentration of dissolved minerals like magnesium and calcium in comparison with soft water. The availability of soft water is very low thus making hard water presence dominant in the most homestead. Using hard water can become a bit frustrating. The minerals contained in hard water interferes with the soap action. This means cannot clean your clothes without using a ton of soap.

Softening is the process whereby the minerals present in the hard water are neutralized. Water softeners have become a must-have commodity in many homesteads. If you have ever experience itchy skin after taking a shower, stains in your kitchen sinks then probably your water is hard.

Using water softeners can save both time and money at the same time. When doing laundry, using a softener can reduce the amount of soap you apply by an astronomical quantity. This saves you money. Again when clothes are exposed to hard water, they become less durable. Water softeners come to the rescue using it can ensure your clothes and other laundry maintains their durability.

Other than laundry, another place where water softeners come in handy is on plumbing equipment. Hard water cause buildups in pipes. This can result in water leakages. Ultimately you will need to replace your pipes more often, and this translates to draining your pocket. The solution is using water softeners; the buildup will no longer occur thus saving you money and time needed to check your plumbing regularly.

Removing stains from sinks and delicate materials like glass can be a painful task. Stains are annoying, and when they build up, it’s hard to miss it. When using water that is hard, you will notice stains in places like a bathtub, kitchen sinks, and even your glassware. To prevent this stains, you will need a water softener to reduce the hardness of the water.

Hard water can cause itchy skin and dryness of hair. The minerals present in the hard water can block skin pores making your skin irritated. This irritation can cause itchiness thus making someone very uncomfortable. Using a softener can eliminate this problem allowing your skin and hair to flourish and give you a general comfortable feeling after taking a shower.

The benefits of using water softeners are unbelievably amazing. It is a bang for your bucks that considered next time you go shopping. And not just in homesteads alone even factories should be using it.

How To Take Advantage Of Facebook Page For Business

All businesses are developing an online presence for their services as they drive attention of the web users. The beauty of social media and social marketing is that it raises the brand recognition and gives free advertising to a larger mass. Online marketing stepped up to social media marketing by making use of the social networking sites. These social sites embed a large crowd over the net by relationships, friendships and the network of networks. Thus, you can market and drive traffic to your website with the social community vantage.

People feel obligated to step in and help a company that struggles if they identify that company as part of their personal life because of a Facebook page for business. That is how the Facebook page for business works best. When clients have a personal investment in a company because of their Facebook page for business, the company will succeed at branding. As those first fans of the page begin to connect with new friends, they carry with them the Facebook page for the business that they enjoy. This is known as the viral advertisement. It is friends sharing with friends on the Facebook page for the business that they enjoy.

Marketers can fairly use various other websites, but Facebook is the most advanced medium. They make the best use of this medium to reach and influence audiences. Presence of Facebook page is vital for the company’s image as it can automatically impress customers. It helps them to become friends, fans or followers. Marketers hire specialized professionals for Facebook page marketing or for buying targeted Facebook fans. It simply helps corporate houses to express their messages and exhibit their concern for their customers.

You should show how to draw on iPhone photos on Facebook concerning your business so that it can impress your fans and visitors you care about; you could set yourself up for success quicker than using traditional forms of advertising. The fantastic thing about Facebook as a social media site is that when visitors like you or your business, all they have to do is click a button and everyone they know will be notified of your existence and page.

Social media show ratings and reviews by other users. By allowing users and visitors to rate and review your services or products through your fan page, this enhances social trust. This means people can trust your services and products. People tend to look to others when deciding what to do, especially when they are not sure about their decision. When ratings and reviews are displayed, they help to trigger people’s attention. However, if you find it difficult to launch your Facebook endeavors for sensible promotion and marketing, then you can hire a company offering special services including, but not limited to, Facebook page marketing, buying targeted fans and much more These companies provide the best, safe and interactive social media marketing strategy, web consulting, along with the highest level of quality Facebook marketing services. Their specialists and web analysts offer genuine fans and like provided by true accounts so that your company gets the prolific advantage.

Going postal and other disruptions

I was recently asked what motivates me to get out of bed in the morning. The answer I gave back was a perfunctory, “My kids”. This is true as they are wide-awake each morning at 6.30am and I have no need for an alarm clock.

A conversation with a distant relative made me rethink my answer. He reminded me that our shared relative was Sir Rowland Hill, our Great x 4 Uncle.

For those who don’t know him (or haven’t clicked the link to Wikipedia) was famed for inventing the Penny Black, the first postage stamp in the 1840s.

Up until then letters were priced according to their weight and distance travelled, and they were always paid for by the recipient. Makes sense when you think about it.

Except Uncle Rowland figured out that some folk would send empty envelopes to their families. The idea was that they would let their loved ones know they were OK and that their families wouldn’t have to sign for the letter. From this, he mused, the system becomes inefficient.

Furthermore, he saw that the art of letter writing had become a rich-person’s pastime. There was no reason for the vast majority of people to write to one another, save for the envelope trick.

Uncle Rowland had an idea. What if every letter cost only 1 penny, no matter where it went to in Britain, bought in advance and stuck on? He believed that 2 things would happen:

1. The volume of mail would expand hugely, more than compensating for any losses on longer deliveries and, crucially,

2. Everyone would be able to send letters to each other.

The latter is important, as Uncle Rowland saw, because it brought the country together through communication. People had a reason to read and write as this enabled people to connect with one another on a different level – distance was no longer a barrier.

The trouble was, Uncle Rowland didn’t work for the postal service. Although he worked in the civil service, it wasn’t in Britain. He worked in South Australia for the government there.

As you can imagine, trying to convince the British authorities round to his way of thinking took some persuading. After a few years of building up influence his thoughts were listened to and, with a favourable reformist parliament, in situ, the postal service with pre-paid postage stamps took off.

It took a lot of convincing the UK parliament to bring in this change. After several false starts, Parliament passed the Act in 1839. In just under 10 years, 50 other countries had adopted the idea of pre-bought stamps over charging the recipient for distance delivered.

Letter writing and communication over distance became open to more people. This enabled ideas to spread faster, people to have a reason to be educated and connected friends and families.

So why tell this story? It took Uncle Rowland about 14 years to transform the way we communicate to one another. It was a managed revolution, with lasting benefits felt to this day.

The way the world is designed now, there are more Uncle Rowland’s out there; applying new ways of thinking and solving what they see are obstacles in life.

Digital and social media are the great enablers, providing us with influence, outreach and disruption. Here are some examples of these ideas:

  • Cahootsy – mashing up retail marketing with word of mouth and crowdsourcing
  • CommuterClub – reinventing the way UK consumers pay for public transport
  • The Happiness Index – gaining a pulse of a business heartbeat through data

There are many more and I am sure that Uncle Rowland would have loved to be part them all.

I’ll leave the final word to Suli Breaks, spoken word artist, “Create the Future”.