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How to Give Your Lobby/Lounge a New Look


Designing a befitting lobby for your style will significantly improve your confidence when your visitors come calling. The first step towards creating your lounge is to identify your class and taste.

Your lobby is one way to show your visitors how you want them to perceive and appreciate your personality. A city-based hotel, for instance, would want to welcome guests into a different environment than an office block will.

But in general, some basic stuff can be incorporated into any design to give visitors a warm and exciting welcome. Some of the tips provided here can help you design a lobby to your taste.

1.  Incorporate Elegance and Comfort

In your effort to design a lounge, your guests will appreciate, ensure you don’t trade elegance for comfort. If your visitors aren’t comfortable when they visit, your aim for an elegant, good looking lobby is defeated.

Learn to lace your redesigned lobby with some level of comfortability. Use quality and comfortable couches and furniture. Investing in quality pieces of furniture would be entirely profitable for you, given that you’ll not have to reinvest in furniture all the time.

When investing in your pieces of furniture, it’s essential to consider the space available to you and work with that. It’ll make no sense to use very large furniture wares for small room space. It’s also not advisable to use furniture that’ll appear very small, or barely noticeable for a large lobby.

2.  Give Your Lobby a Color Lift

Painting appeals to people in different ways, and the color you use in your lobby should be dependent on the feeling you want your guests to have while at your place. Color of paint is something you’ll be careful in choosing.

Some colors have some impressions generally associated with them. For instance, some colors and the impacts they bring include.

  • White is associated with simplicity and calmness.
  • Green, widely believed to influence creativity and peace
  • Yellow gives warmth and optimism
  • Blue brings calmness and trust
  • Pink generally accepted for compassion and sincerity of its color.

The message you want to send to your visitors will influence your choice of colors. And it all depends on if you want them to feel more relaxed and just sitting around, or you’re in search of someone who’ll get influenced by your vibrant colors, and get excited to come work with you.

3.  Keep it all Clean and Organised

No place feels more attractive and welcoming than a clean and organized area. It creates a sense of comfort and relaxation in your guests. And most importantly, an organized lobby creates a beautiful first-time impression on your guests.

Always keep a stock of janitorial supply handy. Disinfectants to wipe surfaces, a mop to clean the floor. Have an eye for neatness. A clean and organized lobby will leave a good impression on your visitors.

4.  Use Natural Plants as Much as You Can

Using natural plants is one of the best ways of designing a new, appealing, and eco-friendly lobby. Natural plants come in various sizes and shapes, and depending on your preference, you can quickly get something to fit into your space.

Plants have an exciting way of creating an inviting, eye-catching lobby for your visitors. The fresh smell of most plants will leave your lounge smelling sweet all day long, even as they absorb any pollutions in the air.

Take care of your natural plants by watering them always. There’re certain types of water supply sources which you should get for watering your plants. And before you buy any plant watering equipment, ensure they have manuals that explain how they work. The water you use must be soft and suitable for the plants.

5.  Promote Your Brand

Your lounge is most likely the first point of contact between your guests, and every other part of your home or office. It’s why you must take advantage of the lobby to promote your business, for instance.

Place your business logos conspicuously around your lobby. Use artworks and inscriptions that’ll promote what you do. Provide materials about you for your guests to read while they wait comfortably in the lounge.

It’ll help you pass the message of who you are to your guests, tell them what you can do for them and how you can help them with business innovation.


Your lobby is a critical part of your building and must get all the attention it deserves. It’s the first spot in your home or office where visitors base to form a large chunk of their opinion about you, and you must ensure you’re not creating the wrong impression.