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Our Founder


Zulma R. Shorey

She is a Saudi businesswoman with extensive e-commerce knowledge. She started selling beauty products on the internet from an early age. Her online portfolio grew so quickly that she decided to start several other online businesses.


Zulma became a role model to upcoming online entrepreneurs, especially girls. Her ability to succeed where other people had failed brought her recognition from the major retail brands. As a result, she landed many contracts and helped physical stores in transitioning to digital marketplaces. With each passing day, Zulma became an authority in the industry. Many online businesses have adopted her strategies, tactics, and inspiration.


In 2016, Zulma decided to create a website where she could share her vast knowledge. People who have experience selling online products can still learn a thing or two from our website. This website is also a guide for people who have never sold anything online and are looking for a place to get fresh information. We hope that Zulma will continue to share her knowledge through this website.

Mission And Vision

The internet was supposed to level the playground.

Small and large businesses could find equal opportunities when they decided to sell their products and services on the internet. Unfortunately, this utopia did not come to fruition. Instead, large corporations could hire hundreds of social media experts and website designers to suffocate small businesses. As a result, we believed that a new approach was needed.


Our mission is to provide the same information available to major corporations. If small businesses understand the right strategies and tactics when selling their products online, they will be able to compete with large corporations.


We have key industry leaders within our midst. They have created exemplary and proven online selling strategies for followers. If you are the owner of a small business, you don’t have to worry about hiring expensive social media marketers. You can learn all the protocols, tricks, and insights of selling things on the internet on our website. Eventually, we hope that any person can start and run an online business without information constraints.