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Jelly: Will it be the new “Google-it”?

Charlotte Hunter, BLOOM Engage!’s Social Media Manager, has been raving all week about the new service, Jelly, from Twitter’s Biz Stone. In this blog she explains why she’s become addicted.

OK I must admit the first thing I thought when I read my friends tweet ‘I love Jelly’ was; me too! #strawberry.

Upon closer inspection I realised that this was not about the favourite child’s party desert but was something very new, very exciting and I needed to know more. Here’s what I’ve found.

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First you sign up, Jelly is enabled so you can sign in via twitter using your smart phone unsurprising. This new app was designed by the founder of twitter Biz Stone. This is followed by some soft prodding and convinces you to also sign in via your Facebook. I did both without blinking an eyelid. Jellys principles are that the world is made up of mainly good people who want to help. Google Play highlights some of its features too and Apple has called it one of the best new apps. Nice compliment.

Biz Stone, Twitter co-founder

I have also been assured by Jelly that they won’t be sending alerts of my actions back to my Facebook and Twitter profiles. Phew. It’s clean. It’s green. With options to report or don’t like buttons which I’m sure will be fed back to the Jelly insight team. Jelly and its participants are genuinely helpful.

Another nice feature when someone does answer your question is you can send them quick thank you card with one tap of a button. The jelly design team have all bases covered with this very well thought out and implemented app.

I found the functions really easy to use, the camera picture taking screen pops up and you take a snap of what’s stumped you or even use an image from your phone by “allowing jelly” access to your images. You then type a question basically any question you can think of, what is this? Where is this? How can I fix this? Then as if almost by magic anyone on the app at that time can choose to answer it.

One man wanted to do some crowd sourcing to see if he should shave his moustache. Predictably all women said yes, all men said no and suggested grooming tips.  By question 4 I was hooked I felt compelled to answer and I don’t quite know why. Maybe because the vibe in this app is nice with a community feel with genuine people who want to help and I hope it stays that way.

Which Brands have been quick off the block?

It’s real people talking to real people. Clever quick adapting brands will find ways to add value by using this app. Brands are sharing new products or asking for feedback. One that has been getting a lot of PR is Carphone Warehouse. Others include ASDA and Nandos.

ASDA JellyThe spectrum of questions is far and wide from, “why has Netflix stock price been going down this month?” (which got 13 answers), to “what are favourite common startsup misconceptions?”, with 61 answers. One of my favourites was “why do owls call out at night?” Answer – Because Hootsuite.

Obviously there are always going to be these less serious types of questions but I think it prevents it from being boring and highlights that the world we live in is made up of many different personalities and perspectives.

Brands will benefit from connecting and following on twitter the people they find on Jelly. Or even getting opinions and feedback, which will prove to be very valuable to the marketing and advertising departments. They can build trust with people in their area of expertise by answering questions as well.

This is highly addictive. I am sure I’m not alone.  Actually I am going to ask “Am I the only one here hooked on Jelly?’ I will let you know what answers I get!