How to Start a Small Barbeque Business

Barbequing is your favored hobby, and because you have unique skills, you find yourself doing more of it. Besides your barbeque is delicious and everyone who has tasted it keeps coming back for more.

But, have you thought about making money from it by launching a small barbeque business? If you want to start with a strong footing, you have to plan thoroughly so your business will profit. If you’re ready, here are some tips and steps that will help you achieve success. 

Firstly, you have to study public places and come up with the right location for your business. Barbeque by character provides several options for presenting food to people. For instance, you can open a storefront barbeque joint and other multiple centers. Here are some additional venues good for the barbeque business:

  • At a beer festival in a food truck or full-sized trailer.
  • In a park, vacant lot or open space with a portable grill and pop up tent.
  • At a sports event, carnivals, fairs, parades out of a full-sized trailer or food truck.
  • Catering at a private party including birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, or a public function.

Your plan, including cost, staffing, equipment type, and operating procedure, will differ depending on where and how you decide to offer your barbeque. Use the following tips to open your business.

1.  Write a Business Plan

A business plan guides you until your business gains solid footing. Identify your business model and tailor it to your proposed location and how you want to deliver your service.  Also examine financial and legal costs of the business.

The magnitude of your outfit will define the initial cost of starting up. For instance, if you are projecting to work on a vacant spot in your neighborhood or weekends in a drive-thru, you will do well with a portable grill/smoker, simple packaging, and maybe one person to help out.

But if you want to serve lots of people simultaneously in a festival or parade, a trailer or food truck will be essential to service more capacity. Make your business plan with precise details. 

Some essential areas include:

  • Operational cost- an estimated budget for supplies, equipment, ingredients, transport. (that suits the scale of your proposed business)
  • Possible financing alternatives for your startup fund.
  • Possible menu details, including nibbles and side dishes.
  • Your venue preferences and related permit and rental charges
  • Cost of obtaining licenses and food service requirements.
  • Your staffing needs
  • Proposed marketing strategy

2.  Buy the Equipment, Provisions, and Supplies for Your Business

Equipment is an indispensable part of a barbecue business. A list of equipment will include grills, smokers, refrigerators, cutlery, serving utensils, and additional tools.

For your pick of smoker or grill, the type and size will depend on your operation scale. For someone who wants to start in a small space like a drive-thru, all you need is one reasonably priced portable grill. Consider purchasing a grill from a top selling brand like Weber because they have price categories that will fit into any budget. Also the taste of charcoal can’t be beat with their smokers and grills.

However, if you’re going large scale with service to more people in a park, festival, or event, you will need a food truck or van. Moreover, make sure you compare prices and select items that fit your budget. Also, be open to making adjustments to your plan.

3.  Get Licenses and Permits

To run a food business, you need to register with your state and get an identification number from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Besides, certain states do not permit people to trade food commodities prepared in a residential/home kitchen, so verify regulations in your business area.

Look at your county and state government laws regarding food serving and licensing obligations before you start grilling. Furthermore, food operators require some food-handling safety training and certification. Also, consider business insurance to shield you financially.

4.  Employ Friendly Staff

Regardless of your business scale, you can’t do everything by yourself. You’ll need to hire extra help, especially in the food business, perhaps to serve food, run errands, take orders, and grill food. Your staff must be motivated, friendly, and have interpersonal skills.

Profiting from a food business depends partly on the customer’s experience with the service and taste, so incorporate excellent customer service with everything you do. A satisfied customer will tell others and help you grow your business.

5.  Market and Publicize Your BBQ Business

After you’ve retained a spot, acquired equipment and about to go operational, advertise your business on different platforms, including fliers, leaflets, social media, local papers. Also, make an eye-catching banner or poster for your storefront. 

An additional tactic is to present specials from the finest items on your barbecue menu. Also, give out freebies and discounts on your opening day and subsequently. It draws more customers towards your business. Also, give out discount coupons to get them coming back.

In conclusion, don’t procrastinate about starting your barbecue venture after you have all you need.  Also, don’t let the anxiety, fear, or doubt cripple your ambition. Grilled foods are popular now, and everyone wants a piece. Start your barbeque business and fulfill your dreams.

Advertising on Social Platforms Like a Pro: Pay Attention to Copyright Rules

You may be following hundreds of SEO guidelines, but is your brand breaking the law with some of the content you share?

Social media is the golden goose in content marketing – it is a platform where you meet customers, share your content, engage with prospects, and convert customers. As more businesses turn to social media, so many social media users do not pay attention to content ownership rules.

Every business must understand copyright laws on content use to stay safe from expensive litigation or the embarrassment that might come if another brand calls you out for “stealing” content. To be safe, create original content every time. If you are to use an image or text uploaded by someone, get permission from them.

What is Copyrighted on Social Media?

Any content that is not your creation is copyrighted, and you shouldn’t use it to market your business.

Immediately someone uploads text or photos, social media copyrights the photo or text. Copying or posting the same image or text exposes your business to significant legal risks. Copyright exists when you create an original work of authorship. Twitter and Facebook are not an exception.

Breaking copyright rules is as simple as retweeting someone’s statement with the intent of boosting your business. In 2018, a New York judge ruled that reporters who embedded a photo of Tom Brady in their tweets violated copyright laws. Tom Brady’s photographer first posted the photo on Snapchat, where it went viral and finally found its way to Twitter. 

Even when you give attribution and link to the original work, you are still breaking copyright laws. You need to understand that until you have permission from the original content creator, you are violating copyright laws.

Copyright Infringement Instances

The idea behind copyright laws is to protect content creators from “theft” of their work. The law offer protection from brands that might want to use their content without paying them or at least seeking permission to use the content.

The moment you download an image and publish it on any platform, be it your blog or social media pages, you are already committing copyright infringement. Even if the original creator does not sue you, you are still breaking the law.

If you take a picture from a large company, say Google or Getty, there is an assumption that the giant company will not be concerned with your action. However, unless you directly work with such businesses or have a subscription with them, do not assume that it is safe to use their images. Getty sends bills to companies that use their images, yet they do not have a subscription with them.

Liability on Breaking Copyright Laws

Unless the original creator sues you for copyright infringement, you are safe. The reason why most people do not take copyright infringement seriously is that most content creators decide not to sue. In most other cases, the content creators do not even notice that brands use their images or text, especially is there is no link back to their work.

You could pay up to $150,000 for every piece of content you “steal.” When you add attorney and legal fees, small brands can go out of business for a single image. Because the litigation process stresses everyone, the creator can send you a bill for your work, ask you to cease and desist letter or ask you to take the content down using the Digital Millennium Copyright Act [1].

How to Protect Your Business

It would help if you were smart with the content you post online. Today, it is easy to share a meme or a gif without thinking about what it might do to your business. The best way to ensure your business is safe is to ask for permission from creators – it doesn’t matter how funny or minor you think the image or meme is, some creators might decide to earn from you. Once you have permission, it is essential to have a formal agreement between you and the creator or some form of evidence that you have permission to post the image or test.

There are so many free to use images on the internet, on Flickr, Unsplash, and CreativeCommons. Instead of stealing an image, why not use those images to market your business. Better yet, if you can take your photos and make your illustrations, you will be safer. In such a case, you can even sue or bill people who use your images without your consent.


Why You Need Social Business Solutions To Grow Your Enterprise

Do you know the secret behind social networks?

Why do businesses invest heavily in activities that bring either the employee or the customer or both on one platform? This is what social business or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is all about.

Every entrepreneur has a story on the business teething challenges.

Multinational companies engage the community in non-profit-making activities to widen their business presence. Naturally, people love to associate with companies that give back to society. As much as you look at it as a free service; there are indirect benefits.

The social business simply refers to activities carried out by business enterprises to solve a social problem. The activities cut across many disciplines depending on their CSR budget. Some of them include

  • Environment
  • Health
  • Education
  • Housing
  • Security
  • Infrastructure
  • Capacity building

How do you feel when you have a poor road network that leads to a multinational factory near you? It is common for them to just take a leading role to make the road rather than wait for the government.

There are numerous social business solutions for your investment.

What is the best social business solution for you?

Before you decide on the best social business solution; you need to do due diligence on its effectiveness and the need. This determines its success. The achievement of the social business solution should also have a direct impact on the profit margins.

Professionals, skilled personnel and an organized system; are not enough phenomena to lure customers. You have to go to the customers and understand their desires. This helps tailor your product or service ahead of the competition. Mike McGlade, is an example of a failed social entrepreneur.

 He is a typical example of misplaced priorities in business. He never took the time to understand the market demand vs. supply.

Some of the most common social business solutions include

  • Social media
  • Door to door campaigns
  • Free goods or services
  • Business offers
  • Capacity building and training

When you take advantage of social media solutions high-profit margins are inevitable.

Currently, this is the way to go. Your online presence gives you business leverage. It gives you the platform to directly interact with your customers- for the benefit of both positive and negative feedback.

As a social entrepreneur, you have to go out of your way and reach out to customers through the door to door campaigns, business offers, and free/ subsidized goods and services. This allows you to have honest feedback on what people think of your product.

With this, you can now go back to the drawing board and address some of the issues in your products or services. It is a way of sealing business loopholes for its success.

How can you get new customers for your product amidst competition? Let people try out your products for free for comparison. Reduce your profit margins through business offers as an entry point in the flooding market.

The quality of your products or services determines customer loyalty. Moreover, it is the platform to get honest feedback for customization. This helps you to understand the reasons why your competitor controls a higher market share than you. With this in mind, you have all the tools to move the business to the next level.

Social business solutions provide hands-on ideas for business growth.

As a social investor, you are the flag bearer of the vision and mission of the investment. As you carry the mantle, you need people to understand your present business state, your short term, and your long term goals.

The only way they can do this effectively is through empowerment. Take time and organize capacity building seminars, workshops, and training for a first-hand approach. It will yield fruits.

A case at hand is in a building project. You may have the architectural design; yes, but, with poor workmanship, the building concept becomes a failed project. It is the firearm (the design) to get you shooting the target (building project) for a perfect house (winning a battle).

That aside, these are the main reasons why you need social business solutions for growth.

  • High-end customer relations

A business that goes the extra mile to meet customers’ expectations is bound to maintain customer loyalty. The social business embraces the concept of transparency and openness in its business strategy. Every customer wants to be valued and appreciated. It is through the social business solutions that you get passive and active brand ambassadors.

  • Better understanding

 The social business allows you to have a deep insight into customer feedback, behavior and need. This gives you a tip on relevant and fruitful marketing tools to broaden the audience. To have the idea is one thing, but to tailor it in the market is yet another task that is simplified by social investment solutions.

  • Widens your creativity and innovation strategies

Social media plays a significant role to get ideas on what your customers require. You may have overlooked, but, the market demand pushes you to it before you are thrown out of business.

This is not only from the customers but also from employees who have first-hand experience with the consumers. It is the innovative ideas and employee creativity levels that will help you increase the market share.

  • Maintains your brand

Customer satisfaction comes as a result of the fact that you have maintained a reputable brand over time. This is just by the simple reason of listening and acting on what the employee and customer suggestions. This explains why a reputable organization makes a serious mistake on the market but still maintains its brand.

  • Creates a team spirit

As long as everyone in the business chain speaks in one voice then you are sure of increased productivity. The social business puts everyone on the table. 

Everyone’s opinion counts. 

As long as there is freedom of speech and innovation, your employees strive to grow the business for they know the reward at the end of the day.

Improved productivity

The moment there is a culture of proper communication with the right business systems then you are sure of more productivity in all aspects of the business. This is the power of social business solutions. Social business is a journey that requires commitment and responsive behavior between consumers and investors. Your work as an entrepreneur is to identify the relevant social business tools; design the right work culture, and set up a friendly business system; you will soon rip the fruits.

Marketing Water Softeners

Planet earth is made up of 71 percent water. This puts water on top of things we humans need to survive. And not just humans, every living creature require water to survive. As humans other for consumption we use water in our homesteads, factories, farms and the list goes on. However, out of the 71 percent coverage of water, only 2.5 percent of that is fresh water. The rest is salt water which cannot be consumed directly. This is mainly water from the oceans. The water that is consumable is then classified into two categories; hard and soft

Hard water contains a high concentration of dissolved minerals like magnesium and calcium in comparison with soft water. The availability of soft water is very low thus making hard water presence dominant in the most homestead. Using hard water can become a bit frustrating. The minerals contained in hard water interferes with the soap action. This means cannot clean your clothes without using a ton of soap.

Softening is the process whereby the minerals present in the hard water are neutralized. Water softeners have become a must-have commodity in many homesteads. If you have ever experience itchy skin after taking a shower, stains in your kitchen sinks then probably your water is hard.

Using water softeners can save both time and money at the same time. When doing laundry, using a softener can reduce the amount of soap you apply by an astronomical quantity. This saves you money. Again when clothes are exposed to hard water, they become less durable. Water softeners come to the rescue using it can ensure your clothes and other laundry maintains their durability.

Other than laundry, another place where water softeners come in handy is on plumbing equipment. Hard water cause buildups in pipes. This can result in water leakages. Ultimately you will need to replace your pipes more often, and this translates to draining your pocket. The solution is using water softeners; the buildup will no longer occur thus saving you money and time needed to check your plumbing regularly.

Removing stains from sinks and delicate materials like glass can be a painful task. Stains are annoying, and when they build up, it’s hard to miss it. When using water that is hard, you will notice stains in places like a bathtub, kitchen sinks, and even your glassware. To prevent this stains, you will need a water softener to reduce the hardness of the water.

Hard water can cause itchy skin and dryness of hair. The minerals present in the hard water can block skin pores making your skin irritated. This irritation can cause itchiness thus making someone very uncomfortable. Using a softener can eliminate this problem allowing your skin and hair to flourish and give you a general comfortable feeling after taking a shower.

The benefits of using water softeners are unbelievably amazing. It is a bang for your bucks that considered next time you go shopping. And not just in homesteads alone even factories should be using it.

How To Take Advantage Of Facebook Page For Business

All businesses are developing an online presence for their services as they drive attention of the web users. The beauty of social media and social marketing is that it raises the brand recognition and gives free advertising to a larger mass. Online marketing stepped up to social media marketing by making use of the social networking sites. These social sites embed a large crowd over the net by relationships, friendships and the network of networks. Thus, you can market and drive traffic to your website with the social community vantage.

People feel obligated to step in and help a company that struggles if they identify that company as part of their personal life because of a Facebook page for business. That is how the Facebook page for business works best. When clients have a personal investment in a company because of their Facebook page for business, the company will succeed at branding. As those first fans of the page begin to connect with new friends, they carry with them the Facebook page for the business that they enjoy. This is known as the viral advertisement. It is friends sharing with friends on the Facebook page for the business that they enjoy.

Marketers can fairly use various other websites, but Facebook is the most advanced medium. They make the best use of this medium to reach and influence audiences. Presence of Facebook page is vital for the company’s image as it can automatically impress customers. It helps them to become friends, fans or followers. Marketers hire specialized professionals for Facebook page marketing or for buying targeted Facebook fans. It simply helps corporate houses to express their messages and exhibit their concern for their customers.

You should show how to draw on iPhone photos on Facebook concerning your business so that it can impress your fans and visitors you care about; you could set yourself up for success quicker than using traditional forms of advertising. The fantastic thing about Facebook as a social media site is that when visitors like you or your business, all they have to do is click a button and everyone they know will be notified of your existence and page.

Social media show ratings and reviews by other users. By allowing users and visitors to rate and review your services or products through your fan page, this enhances social trust. This means people can trust your services and products. People tend to look to others when deciding what to do, especially when they are not sure about their decision. When ratings and reviews are displayed, they help to trigger people’s attention. However, if you find it difficult to launch your Facebook endeavors for sensible promotion and marketing, then you can hire a company offering special services including, but not limited to, Facebook page marketing, buying targeted fans and much more These companies provide the best, safe and interactive social media marketing strategy, web consulting, along with the highest level of quality Facebook marketing services. Their specialists and web analysts offer genuine fans and like provided by true accounts so that your company gets the prolific advantage.

Going postal and other disruptions

I was recently asked what motivates me to get out of bed in the morning. The answer I gave back was a perfunctory, “My kids”. This is true as they are wide-awake each morning at 6.30am and I have no need for an alarm clock.

A conversation with a distant relative made me rethink my answer. He reminded me that our shared relative was Sir Rowland Hill, our Great x 4 Uncle.

For those who don’t know him (or haven’t clicked the link to Wikipedia) was famed for inventing the Penny Black, the first postage stamp in the 1840s.

Up until then letters were priced according to their weight and distance travelled, and they were always paid for by the recipient. Makes sense when you think about it.

Except Uncle Rowland figured out that some folk would send empty envelopes to their families. The idea was that they would let their loved ones know they were OK and that their families wouldn’t have to sign for the letter. From this, he mused, the system becomes inefficient.

Furthermore, he saw that the art of letter writing had become a rich-person’s pastime. There was no reason for the vast majority of people to write to one another, save for the envelope trick.

Uncle Rowland had an idea. What if every letter cost only 1 penny, no matter where it went to in Britain, bought in advance and stuck on? He believed that 2 things would happen:

1. The volume of mail would expand hugely, more than compensating for any losses on longer deliveries and, crucially,

2. Everyone would be able to send letters to each other.

The latter is important, as Uncle Rowland saw, because it brought the country together through communication. People had a reason to read and write as this enabled people to connect with one another on a different level – distance was no longer a barrier.

The trouble was, Uncle Rowland didn’t work for the postal service. Although he worked in the civil service, it wasn’t in Britain. He worked in South Australia for the government there.

As you can imagine, trying to convince the British authorities round to his way of thinking took some persuading. After a few years of building up influence his thoughts were listened to and, with a favourable reformist parliament, in situ, the postal service with pre-paid postage stamps took off.

It took a lot of convincing the UK parliament to bring in this change. After several false starts, Parliament passed the Act in 1839. In just under 10 years, 50 other countries had adopted the idea of pre-bought stamps over charging the recipient for distance delivered.

Letter writing and communication over distance became open to more people. This enabled ideas to spread faster, people to have a reason to be educated and connected friends and families.

So why tell this story? It took Uncle Rowland about 14 years to transform the way we communicate to one another. It was a managed revolution, with lasting benefits felt to this day.

The way the world is designed now, there are more Uncle Rowland’s out there; applying new ways of thinking and solving what they see are obstacles in life.

Digital and social media are the great enablers, providing us with influence, outreach and disruption. Here are some examples of these ideas:

  • Cahootsy – mashing up retail marketing with word of mouth and crowdsourcing
  • CommuterClub – reinventing the way UK consumers pay for public transport
  • The Happiness Index – gaining a pulse of a business heartbeat through data

There are many more and I am sure that Uncle Rowland would have loved to be part them all.

I’ll leave the final word to Suli Breaks, spoken word artist, “Create the Future”.