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Hi there! We’re BLOOM Social Business, a fresh kind of consultancy that can help transform your business into a social business. Find out here why companies are turning to us, Europe’s No1 independent social business consultancy.

We help our clients put social media and social technologies at the heart of their success.

Working alongside our clients, we help them understand more about their social customers, deliver more from their social media campaigns and get more out of social technology.

Our clients range from government departments, automotive manufacturers and healthcare providers to charities.

What they all have in common is they’ve used BLOOM Social Business, Europe’s No1 independent social business consultancy to revolutionise the way in which they do business.


Embracing social media and social technologies will open new and exciting avenues with which to engage with your social customers.

At BLOOM we can help you to get up close and personal with your customers by maximising the unique benefits that come with an active social business profile.

Raise the bar and match your social media efforts with your business objectives. We’ll help you gain insight through social media listening tools, enabling us to devise and implement effective strategy together.


The clients we’ve worked with have seen first-hand the transformation that takes place from business to social business. That’s why we are Europe’s No1 independent social business consultancy.

Through leveraging the influence of social interaction, our clients have heard what their customers have to say, allowing us to benchmark business performance from the perspective of the customer.

The BLOOM influence has proven to lead to a more accurate measurement of results, develop the link between sales and social media, and positively transform the way you do business.


    Digging up the most effective solutions to raise your digital profile.


    Developing a knowledge of what you want and how we can help.


    Providing the tender loving care you and your business deserve.


    Achieving the targets we set out and delivering on our goals.


    Ensuring the silky smooth deployment of our social strategies.